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November 17 2014

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November 12 2014

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July 23 2014

June 13 2014

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May 15 2014

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May 12 2014

May 09 2014

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May 02 2014

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March 30 2014

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October 03 2013

August 08 2013

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August 05 2013

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How to Draw Gesture.

This is very important. People have said they liked my drawings especially because the lines feel smooth, and dynamic. I’m merely applying the gestures and curves this guy is talking about. Like the video shows, it’s the feel of the drawing that comes first, through gesture, then add the details.

oh gosh i cannot exaggerate the importance enough this was pretty much half of my sophomore art class and after that I can say my figures improved VERY DRAMATICALLY also learning with 30 second gestures is a great way to loosen up and feel the spirit of the model and their movement and action it can be really fun and relaxing I highly recommend

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August 01 2013

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July 23 2013

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July 08 2013

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July 03 2013

Dogs Dressed As Their Owners

Sebastian Magnani is a Swiss photographer who had the great idea to imagine this series “Underdogs” offering to discover dogs dressed like their handlers. An initiative to discover in the future.

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June 30 2013

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June 26 2013

May 29 2013

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More tips:

  • The closest I could find on Amazon to the watercolour set I use is the Sakura brand of Koi Assorted WaterColours Field Set.
  • Just use any old toothbrush. I used to use the ones that my dentist would give me after a visit, just because those were kind of cheap and I wouldn’t actually use them anyways.
  • I use acrylic for flicking and highlights because watercolour-whites tend to fade when they dry. 
  • Also, remember to keep your hands clean, because nothing’s worse than smudging graphite into your watercolours and then unable to get it out.
  • Try to avoid black and white when possible. They tend to dull the colours and it loses that watercolouring lustre. 

Since I started watercolouring again for my daily sketches, I’ve gotten a lot of asks/dA notes on if I could give a tutorial on watercolouring and also more specific questions that overlapped each other, so I decided to do a semi guide/tips/answering thing.

I actually started watercolouring before I went into digital medium, so I have a bit of personal experience, but I am essentially self-taught when it comes to watercolouring since there weren’t a lot of watercolour tutorials online back then to begin with, so I cannot promise that these are the absolute correct way of doing things. 

Hope it helps anyways :)

My Other Tutorials/Guides | My Daily Sketches

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