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When I was on the road this past summer, someone asked me, “How did MTV pick YOU to host this show?” Almost as if I had been discovered in a mall. Um, no. I worked my ass off for 11 years, slowly developed a respectable resume, got lots of positive press about my comedy, won some Emmy’s, developed important relationships, became a one-woman production crew, sunk myself into an enormous amount of debt, and created the idea for this show with Nikki. MTV didn’t pick me, I PICKED THEM.
You want to make yourself the answer to this question: “You know who might be good?” Do whatever it takes to make yourself the answer to that question. Become known among your peers as someone who might be good at writing. At directing. At drawing. At playing a hilarious hillbilly. Whatever it is you want to be.
Addendum: Submitting To A Late Night Show :: saraschaefer.com

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