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Stop being so obsessed with everyone else and what they are doing. Even those that sleep their way to the top are WORKING! Do you know how much energy it takes to stalk powerful industry types and find out where they are hanging out and then give them all blow jobs? That’s HARD WORK! So stop looking around, asking why it’s so easy for this person or that person. There is no question, that if somebody is achieving some level of success, they fucking worked for it. And it’s never “easy” for anyone.
Sure, maybe you don’t approve of some people’s methods, or their attitude, but they didn’t just sit there and magically get a special on Comedy Central. They lived it, breathed it, they made it their life. Maybe they are a huge asshole and that bugs the shit out of you, but that is not your concern. They probably aren’t that big of an asshole anyway, you have just made them out to be one, to explain away your petty jealousies. They’re mostly paper tigers.
Advice to a Young Comedian (& Myself) :: saraschaefer.com

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