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May 17 2013

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April 11 2013

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The widow had a gun.

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April 08 2013

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the big list of pixel art tutorials by pixelprospector

pixel art tutorials

pixel art inspiration pixel art forums freelance guide graphic style analysis tutorials about glowy graphics


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March 09 2013

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January 30 2013

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Theater Talk: "The Book of Mormon" with co-writers Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Robert Lopez - YouTube
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January 29 2013

Thomas MacLaren Architectural Drawings Collection

Abbey farm house in the village of Charlton Adam (Somerset, England)

Arcade at Certosa di Pavia

Chalet near Davos-Dorfli

Belfry at St. Moritz

This collection contains original pencil sketches and watercolors by architect Thomas MacLaren, (b. Scotland, 1863 - d. Colorado Springs, 1928) illustrating the architecture of England, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland, and elsewhere. The works were completed between 1880 and 1891.

(Gefunden bei libcudl.colorado.edu)

My real template for a first programming class is this: Teach the bare minimum of language features required to do interesting things. Stop. Spend the rest of the semester working on short assignments that introduce students to problem solving and an appreciation for the usefulness of knowing how to write code.
Sympathy for Students in Beginning Programming Classes

January 27 2013

There's something I've been debating with myself for some time and it's something to which I think Movie 43 has helped me to come to a conclusion. The issue is one of artistic merit. If your intention is to make something deliberately offensive and you offend your audience, can this be considered an artistic success?

In the case of the Crank films I was conflicted, because I hated those films but felt like they wanted me to and couldn't decide if that was something I should be applauding them for. In the case of Movie 43, I have decided that no, this is not an artistic success because being deliberately offensive is really fucking easy.

I could go and fart loudly in a church right now or go to the park and kick a dog and achieve the same artistic goals as Movie 43 (and possibly even get more laughs).

As the old saying goes, it's not big and it's not clever. It's so easy to offend people, we do it by accident all the time, so art that sets out to do it deliberately isn't exactly plumbing the depths of emotional evocation.
SomethingAwful: Movie 43…
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January 26 2013

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E.L.P. - In studio mentre compongono Karn Evil 9 (parte 1/2) - YouTube
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The Cramps Meaning of Life 1990 Interview - YouTube

January 19 2013

Eine Anwandlung, landschaftliche Skizzen zu zeichnen, wies ich nicht ab; bei Spaziergängen im Frühling, besonders nahe bei Jena, fasst' ich irgend einen Gegenstand auf, der sich zum Bild qualifizieren wollte, und suchte ihn zu Hause alsdann zu Papier zu bringen. Gleichermaßen ward meine Einbildungskraft durch Erzählungen leicht erregt, so dass ich Gegenden, von denen im Gespräch die Rede war, alsobald zu entwerfen trachtete.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Tag und Jahreshefte 1810 - via Wikiquote
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Adolph Menzel hinterließ rund 6000 Zeichnungen, hinzu kommen 77 Skizzenbücher und Hefte. Diese gewaltige Menge erklärt sich zum einen aus der damals üblichen Vorgehensweise, jedes Gemälde mit einer Vielzahl von Zeichnungen vorzubereiten; so schuf Menzel beispielsweise zum Eisenwalzwerk mehr als hundert Zeichnungen. Zum anderen aber wird Menzel von den Zeitgenossen als manischer Zeichner beschrieben: „Kein Gegenstand war ihm zu gering, und er zeichnete, wo er ging und stand, mit geradezu krankhaftem Eifer.“ (Paul Meyerheim 1906). Diese Leidenschaft gab Anlass zu einer ganzen Reihe von Anekdoten.
Adolph Menzel – Wikipedia
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January 14 2013

January 09 2013




Here are some extremely useful pose guides made by Aomori over on deviantArt.

This is mostly just a reference for myself because I just lost these and couldn’t remember where to find them, so I’m not going to bother tagging.  But I thought some of my followers could also possibly use these too.

Considering my tendency to draw women over men, this is useful.

helloooooo useful poses

(via rarekuma)

January 08 2013

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